• Build Relationships.

    Litigate Wisely.

  • Build Relationships.

    Litigate Wisely.

Edwards Richter & Phillips LLP

Edwards Richter & Phillips provides efficient, client-centered representation for individuals and businesses.  We don’t just provide legal advice—we create relationships.  We see our clients through the most difficult times: litigation, divorces and other significant challenges. All of our efforts are directed toward our clients, their objectives and their values, which we take the time to learn. We treat our clients with respect and dignity.  Strong relationships follow from this philosophy.  So do good decisions.
ERP is a unique group of highly skilled advocates. We have years of experience litigating in state and federal court, where we have substantial expertise.  ERP attorneys enjoy an excellent reputation for skilled advocacy that is built on the trust and respect of our clients, our peers and the Courts we serve.  When necessary, we will go “toe to toe” with the biggest law firms in Wisconsin, and with positive results.  We are not afraid of a fair fight.

So what makes us different? It is simple.  We provide personal focus and build relationships with individuals and businesses with a wide range of needs.  When you hire one of our lawyers, you are paying for a relationship, developed together, that is designed to fulfill the client’s objectives with exceptional skill and care.
That is what is important to us.

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